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If you do not fulfill the requirements below you are not eligible to
participate in classes.

* You must be in good mental and physical health.
* You must have a clear police record.
* You must take part in an interview and training session prior to joining.
* You must be a committed student.

Location of Dojo’s :

Call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment for your interview and free training session.

Shihan Richard Ramnarine
Chief Instructor (Penticton, BC)
Email: info@kagemushadojo.com

Varun Rana
Training Group Leader(Penticton/Summerland)
Email: Ninpobudoka@gmail.com
Cell: (416) 887 6517

 Sensei Rustam Mann
Email: Mann.Rustam@gmail.com
Cell: (778) 559 1996

Sensei Jay Willmot
Instructor(Toronto, ON)
Email: jay.willmot@gmail.com
Cell: (416) 453 3650

Natalia Burgos
Assistant Instructor/Training Group Leader(Toronto, ON)
Email: Natalia@burgos.ca
Cell: (905) 806 2210