Go beyond the physical!

Chi Kung

Hoshindo Chi Kung & Inner Alchemy

HCK is a modern conglomeration of ancient alchemical techniques and practices from a variety of world mystical traditions. The program will aid practitioners in clearing and rejuvenating their energetic/emotional pathways; while generating, increasing capacity and storing more energy(Chi); Through seated(neidan) and moving/standing meditations(weidan). 

Drawn from martial arts such as Tai Chi, Xing Yi, and Hoshindo, Applications of the martial movement sets are demonstrated and practiced so the practitioner also learns effective fundamental self defense techniques for day to day life. 

The curriculum is delivered through an elemental progression system(Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void). Progressing through each level works on balancing and harmonizing of the corresponding chakra in relation to their spiritual,mental, emotional and physical matrixes. Working through ancestral and emotional blocks, practitioners will be able to transmute past habits and elevate their levels of consciousness to a higher vibration, truly alchemizing their existence. Through the in-depth study of universal mystical principles and works drawn from masters of the past, practitioners will learn to live an empowered life. 

Come join us, and experience what it is really like to go beyond the physical!